I like food, beer, building just about anything, woodworking, making beer, gardening, eating, cooking, biking, boating, being outdoors, camping, photography, learning new things, doing things myself that normal people would pay someone to do, economics, shooting stuff, personal finance, saving money, traveling, practical jokes, winning arguments, challenging status quo, trucks, driving in the snow, whiskey, cheese (especially curds), running, mind puzzles, driving in the mud, dogs, engineering, tools, board games, craigslist, and video games.

This site is an effort to share about some of the things that interest me, what’s happening in my life, or whatever else I choose to post.

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  1. I have a powermatic jointer/planer model 60 from, I would guess, the 70s?
    I have no idea how to price it and am wondering if you would mind letting me know how much you paid for yours?
    It would be appreciated!

  2. I paid $650 for it, which is a little high but it came with 2 sets of freshly sharpened solid carbide blades and the guy I bought it from delivered it 150 miles to my house, so that was also worth a little more.

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